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The reward game from the Bunjamini company, below as the game ‘Pika Bunjamini’ is a means of rewarding consumers who buy / use our products. The game is played online and monitored by the administrators of Bunjamini company. The game is also registered with the Tax Administration of Kosovo.


Anyone who buys our products can register for free in the prize game and accumulate points from the code printed on each product. Pre-registration and participation are free. No other fees apply, except that of purchasing the product.


Participation is very simple, just scan the code on the scratch label and fill in the required details and thus your account is created. Then every product you buy from Bunjamin, possesses the scratch label with the corresponding points.


If you have problems with the QR code, then open the page (register or open your account) and click “Add point”. Then click “Enter code manually”. Once you have completed the 8-digit code and clicked “Continue” you will receive points in your account in the points system


There you can also find the catalog of gifts you can ask for. Upon request for the gift, it arrives within 7 to 10 days from the time of the order.




Bunjamini Company reserves all rights over the prize game. The company reserves the right to block accounts that misuse the game and may initiate criminal proceedings against the abusers or manipulators of the game.




The game is offered on iOS and Android platforms as an application or Web. In case of technical problems, Bunjamini company has the exclusive right to correct errors and maintain servers and applications.

Security patterns are involved in programming in order to increase security and avoid misuse




In the case of participation you agree that participation in the game does not imply an additional agreement and liability to the parties involved. The game is free and is realized within the logistical, technical capacities and by other suppliers of products and services.


For additional information contact the support phone: +383 49 300 193 or via e-mail: [email protected]