* Hidroizolim 2K is a isolating two-component material: f cr
* Component A that is in form of powder, and component B that 1 is in fluid form. When mixed these two components form a
flexible,andbrushable sealing slurry. After hardening it forms a
seamless and jointless membrane offering crackbridging abilities and total waterproofing.lt is used for waterproofing surfac-es, it is ideal for terraces, rooftops, balconies etc.


* It can be also used for the waterproofing of basements, internally or externally, against humidity or water under pressure. The substrate must be clean, free of dust and other materials for a perfect application.
The two components are mixed until a uniform mass is formed,
then it is applied by using a brush in two layers.
The second layer should be thinner than the first one.


Can be mixed with water as needed (up to 11