EUROFASADE FULL 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm


* Eurofasadfull is a premixed plaster containing coarse aggregate from 1 mm- 2mm, enriched with resins.
Eurofasad offers:
* Total water-repellence
* Breathing ability
* Suitable for indoors and outdoors


* The surface must be clean, free of dust, grease, loose particles, etc. Before the application of eurofasade, the surface should be treated
with baze-grundbunjamini, in order to ensure a perfect application. Eurofasade is added into clean water under continuous stirring, until a homogenous mass is reached. THE PLASTER is applied by hand with a float or trowel. The plaster is then treated by a plastic float, in horizontal or circular movements depending
on the desirable structure. Working time depends on the working temperature and the absorption ability of the surface.


12 months from production date if stored in original, unopened packaging, in places protected from moisture and frost.