*Bunjakol C2 weiss is cement-based tile adhesives. They provide high initial and final adhesive strength and moisture resistance. They are classified as type C2 adhesive
* Bunjakol C2 weiss is suitable for fixing ceramic tiles on walls and floors on surfaces made of concrete, brickwork, plaster etc indoors and outdoors
*Bunjakol C2 is highly resistant on high and low temperatures.


The surface to be covered with boards should be free of dust, grease, loose particles, paints etc. It is recommended that it is dampened before application.
Bunjakol C2 is gradually added into water under continuous stirring until a Homogeneous mass is formed. A low revolution mixer is recommended for mixing.
The mixture should be left for about 10 minutes to rest and then should be re-stirred. The tile adhesive should be spread on the surface using a notched towel.


12 months from production date if stored in original, unopened packaging, in places protected from moisture and frost.